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Neogolism with „strategic planning“

In literature different terms, definitions and descriptions of the “strategic planning” concept can be found (Johnson and Scholes (1999, page 18) describe a basic model of the “strategic management process” that consists of strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategy implementation. Very close to this is the definition of the strategic planning process by Baum et al (2004, page 23). Their process definition consists of strategic analysis, strategy finding and strategy assessment.)

In particular varieties can be found in process structure, their closeness to planning principles and number of process steps as well as in different starting and ending steps for this process (GILMORE, BRANDENBURG (1962, page 61 ff) distinguish 43 different steps, BEA and HAAS (2004, page 55) explain the process with 5 steps. According to ANSOFF (1965, page 202) and HOFER, SCHENDEL (1978, page 63) the objective definition does not represent a step in the planning process. Opposite to this HINTERHUBER (2004, page 33 ff) and KREIKEBAUM (1997, page 37 ff) argues that the definition of the objective is part of the planning process.)

Hence it is very interesting to observe with new products can be found with the term “strategic planning”. My current favourite is this: “McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Strategic Planning Service”. On its website McAfee explains: The Company’s experts will help to develop a strategy, which delivers total and progressive protection against viruses.
Okay McAfee decided for one definition: Strategy is the outcome of a strategic planning process. But this is just one definition, since to gain total and progressive protection is the overall objective (= strategic objective)
I think I have to explain this more in detail in the future.


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