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2008 – a great year!

Well, we do not have been published posts for a while. There is a very good reason.

Also the headline might be confusing. Enterprises, people, and governments have to manage the results of a large financial crisis that started as a crisis related to US subprime loans in 2007. A great year? A couple of days ago I discussed this issue with some friends and colleagues: “We” had to learn a lot: “to big to fail” – we do disbelieve in this statement in 2009. Zero-interest rates in Nippon only? – The Western civilization can have them (or try to use their hopefully stimulating effects), too. Negative growth rates in gross domestic products – not only an issue in text books.

In economic terms it was a very dramatic year.


But what did touch us really? In personal terms it was a very, very beautiful year – thanks to our “sweet sunshine” Stella Christin, who was born in 2008.

An ancient saying (I am not sure whether its origin is German) argues: A farmer who always looks back (on the groove behind him) when tilling his field is not able to keep straight on. In order to find the right path and to make straight grooves he needs to look forward.

In this spirit we wish our readers all the best for 2009, luck and success (both in private and professional life) and the courage, not to look back. May the New Year bring you and your loved ones joy and happiness.



Best wishes

Dagmar and Oliver

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