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Strategic Planning Basics

There are a lot of definitions for strategic planning. Also there are a lot of critics and discussion about it; I agree that in general it is not possible organise the generation of insight and synthesis. Other critic factors focus on the ability to forecast future development. But we have to be fair: Most of our plans are based on (in most cases positive) assumptions about the future; otherwise we would stop to travel, to learn, to develop at all. From my point of view: Running a process that just works for 80 % is far better than having no process. So far so good – but of course:

you must know that it is just 80 %.

To get a basic idea about strategic planning I would recommend the paper “developing strategic plans” by Deloitte. Why? Try this:

“A systematic approach to developing strategy, however, can help to ensure consistent and sustainable long-term growth and profitability.”

In particular I like the model “Levels of environmental uncertainty” that can help to assess an uncertain external environment.

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