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2015 Roundup for Eddielogic.com and Themanager.org

2015 popular posts at Eddielogic.com and Themanager.org

The beginning of a new year is always a good point to look back at the previous one. Here is my summary of the most popular articles at this blog Eddielogic.com and our second website Themanager.org.

On both sites, there are some evergreen posts that take the first places in the Top-5 lists. Besides that, some of my current writings have become popular too:

Popular articles at Eddielogic.com in 2015

The top 5 articles by page impressions are:

  1. Nature and characteristics of strategic decisions
    which is a 2015 update of an older post from 2012
  2. Overcoming barriers for strategic planning
  3. Risks of innovations
  4. External growth strategy
  5. The Porters Five Forces Model Revisited – What else to do with it

A more topical post that is very popular is my critique of the strategy that Deutsche Bank announced in April 2015. As we have seen by now, this strategy had already become obsolete within the year.

Some posts from last year also enjoyed some popularity at bizsugar.com where they got a number of up-votes and comments:

The article about the workshop from hell is also featured in the Top 200 SMB & Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2015 from COS Sales.

Popular articles at Themanager.org in 2015

Themanager.org has undergone the first major relaunch in years in April 2015. With a modern design and improved navigation the site now provides and up to date user experience.

Among the most popular articles there are our detailed descriptions of popular management models and tools like the Boston Box or the Porters Five Forces model.

Besides that, these are the top 5 articles by page impressions:

  1. Market Segmentation – Why is it Important?
  2. Understanding and Managing Customer Perception
  3. What Makes a Good Change Agent?
  4. Excel spreadsheets for strategic planning – use with care!
  5. Corporate culture – Do not underestimate its impact on merger success

In order to learn more about your interests and preferences, I started a short poll and asked you what type of content you are looking for. There is a clear preference articles explaining particular topics, concepts and tools on both – introductory level and in more detail:

Poll about readers interests at Themanager.org

Poll results at the time of this writing

Hence, I will continue to post detailed and explanatory articles at Themanager.org. Eddielogic.com will remain the place where you can find shorter thoughts and opinions.

Which articles from our websites were your favorites in the last year?
What do you want us to write about?
Leave a comment below!

Thank you.

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