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Hello Knut!

Hi buddy, welcome to this world! That won’t be an article about about strategic management…

I would like to introduce you.  


Source: Archiv Zoo Berlin 

Knut is a polar bear and was born in the zoo of Berlin (Germany).

On the 5th December 2006 mama bear (Tosca) has given life to two polar bears in the Berlin Zoo, but did not feed them; hence the zoo management decided to try to rescue both bears. Due to a serious infection one bear baby did not make it. The other bear baby was given the name “Knut” and was well razzed by its personal keeper.

Knut has become very popular and made it to large newspapers. Previously Knut has dinner 4 times a day (150 ml mash) and has gained a body weight of 6,5 kg.

Best wishes

Your Eddie