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Customer Lifecycle Party

A word in advance: I have no idea if this is a special German phenomenon or if these parties are popular in other countries too.
There is a concept called “Ü-30 Party” (an abbreviation from “Über 30”, roughly translated as 30-something party) here in Germany for about a decade. These are parties that are targeted at people in their thirties with music from the time when they were teens and young twens, i.e. mainly from the 80s. As it happens, I have been in my thirties for about a decade too. I never was at one of these parties. However, I assume that they must have their audience, since you will almost always find some advertising posters for a party to come on the streets.

This morning, something unfamiliar caught my attention. There was a poster advertising a Ü-40 Party. I took some time to contemplate the fact than I am becoming older (although not yet 40!). Than I realised that those 30-40-something parties are a fascinating product.

This product can easily follow a customer through his whole lifecycle. There will always be people who like to have a party with the music from their youth. For one and the same generation, this will always remain the same type of music (e.g. in my case from the 80s). So you can simply leave the whole event unchanged. You can even keep the same DJ with the same box of CDs. All you need to do is to re-brand the event every ten years. Thus, you will always be able to offer a tailor-made product to your aging customers in every phase of your lifecycle.

The other nice thing is that there will be a new generation of customers that reaches their thirties. For them, simply take the old brand name of the Ü-30 party and fill it with new music, presumably from the 90s. As this new generation gets older, the new product can adapt to net next phase of their lifecycle by simply changing its name …

There is one problem that might limit the great prospects of this business model to a degree. As the customers age, the music from their youth stays the same. After three decades of 30-40-50-something parties with music from the 80s (probably all with the same DJ and the same box of CDs) it might become a bit boring. Let’s see what happens.

Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to the times when I try to dance to music from Depeche Mode and Yazoo at the old people’s home at an Ãœ-80 party!

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