– Thoughts on Strategy and Management

Advertising meets strategy

Today I found some interesting tips how important good strategic thinking might be. Of course, the benefits of an excellent strategic mind and / or strategy knowledge are unquestioned. However, according to a recent study, strategic knowledge has become number one criteria for advertising agencies to be invited and number two criteria to be chosen.

Here are the top 5 criteria for inviting an advertising agency:

  • Strategic brand thinking
  • Good market experience
  • Integrated communication from one source
  • Creative campaigns
  • Former successful co-operation

Opposite to this, the criteria for selection of an agency are slightly different

  • Creative campaigns
  • Strategic brand thinking
  • Impression / Feeling, that the chemistry is right
  • Good understanding of the market
  • Convincing team

Hence I would like to argue, that strategic brand thinking and a good understanding of the market are the major criteria. How about your agency?

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