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Falco meets Subaru

As one can notice in terms of missing new posts, we have been on vacation for the last weeks. During out stay in Canada, we “had the opportunity” (of course!) to enjoy commercials. One was really worth to keep in mind.

It’s a commercial from Subaru for the car Impreza WRX 2008. Four German engineers drive this car over a proving ground, enjoy the car’s performance and sing to the song “Amadeus” from Falco. When returning to the garage, another engineer grimly asks (in German) “What do you think what are you doing here?”

This commercial obviously targets on Volkswagen (VW) that also employed funny commercials with engineers to present VW cars. The commercial from Subaru ends with the statement “The Japanese car the Germans wish they’d made”.

Hey Subaru folks, nice work. But please consider: Falco is from Austria. Next time you could select a German interpret (we have lots of them!). My suggestion: Herbert Grönemeyer and his song Mambo: „…Ich drehe schon seit Stunden hier so meine Runden, es trommeln die Motoren…“. This song describes a man’s situation looking for a parking lot for a couple of hours. Since it contains the statement “I make my rounds” it would fit very well to you commercial, too.

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One Comment

  1. Even more ironic is that Falco died in a car accident–while driving a Japanese car.