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Heroes of cost cutting

A provider of on-demand sales tools and related services has published an interesting paper on cost cutting. Its title is quite promising: “Simple Savvy Savings – 9 ideas to make anyone a Cost-Cutting Hero”. The underlying idea behind this paper is the current financial crisis and the resulting consequences, i.e. in terms of cost cutting: “The economic downturn has IT executives scrambling to defend budgets, avoid cutbacks, and help the business survive”. Taking this aspect into consideration it might be good to identify approaches to achieve “cost cutting quick wins” asap. And that is exactly that what the paper wants to achieve since it presents “….simple savvy savings that prove that you don’t need to look hard to find fast payback projects to deliver significant annual cost savings”. For this purpose the paper outlines 9 easy and quick payback ideas and approaches (IT related) to deliver on these savings.

On this website you have free access to the white paper (pdf format file).

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