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Our parrot Eddie helps us to work on our profile

Sharpening our profile

The first step to insight is to acknowledge that you can’t do everything on your own. You can’t know everything and you can’t be good at everything. This is especially true for taking activities one step further that you hadn’t changed for a long time.

Sometimes you get stuck with what you’ve always done that way or another. This is the moment when some objective and external view can help you to move forward. This is what we did today:

We, the team from Recklies Management Project GmbH have built several websites over time. All of them are somehow related to the field of strategic management:

  • reckliesmp.de – our corporate site where we describe our business profile and our services – currently available in German language only (the English version never left planning stage) – online since 2000
  • themanager.org – an English language information site, covering specialist articles and hand-picked link recommendations in the field of strategic management and related areas – online since 2001
  • managementportal.de – started as the German language mirror-site of themanager.org, now covering specialist articles, news, link-tips and more in the wider fields of strategic and general management – online since 2001
    and last but not least
  • eddielogic.com – our blog on strategy you are reading this moment – online since 2007

Starting with distinct profiles for each of these websites long ago, everything got a bit blurred during the last couple of years. It is more than time to renew our strategy on how these sites should work together and distinguish from each other in order.

For this purpose we got some external help today. We held an extremely beneficial workshop today with support from Dr. Sabine Holicki, an expert in communication, online marketing and social media.

We discussed the visions we have for those four websites and for our business as a whole. On that basis we developed a new framework how our sites can mutually support and complement each other.

New framework for our network of websites

New framework for our network of websites

Another point of discussion was our social media strategy for this bilingual network of websites.

Dr. Holicki’s view from the outside, combined with her experience, was very beneficial. She helped us to identify areas for improvement and what we can do better.

Over the next couple of weeks we will revise several parts of our sites in order to sharpen their profiles. Thus we will enhance your user experience and benefits. We’ll also make it easier for you to follow us on the social network of your preference.

You can participate in the realignment of our websites. Let us know what you are most interested in. What are your most pressing questions in the field of strategy? What do you want us to focus our content on?
You can

  • send me a mail with your input to drecklies_at_themanager.org (replace _at_ with @) or
  • use our contact form or
  • just use the comment function below.

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