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Themanager.org relaunch complete

We are happy to announce themanager.org has undergone a complete makeover.
It was more than time to make this site more modern and user friendly. Please go there and have a look at the result!

I’d like to give you a quick tour to show you where to find what.

What has changed, what has remained the same?

You will discover that many things have changed. However, the core of our management portal has remained the same.

As in the past, themanager.org has two main pillars:

  • Specialist articles from our team and from selected guest authors
  • Curated link tips for other relevant information on the web.

Our articles are now accessible from the main navigation in the categories strategy, management models and tools, (strategic) management and marketing.

I have already transferred our most popular articles from the old design. In doing so, I have taken the chance to update and extend many of them. The others are still available here.

Our curated link recommendations have seen even more change.

We have moved away from long lists of links covering almost everything related to management (although it is still available here). From now on, we’ll feature much less links. All of them were checked by our team and have been found interesting. We write brief content summaries and give personal assessments for all links we recommend.

What’s gone is the wide range of topics formerly covered on this site. We have decided to focus our efforts on what we know best:

  • Strategy
  • Strategic management
  • Strategic marketing

This is the only way to ensure a high level of quality for every piece of information on our site.

We have also added a coaching service, offering you an easy way to make our knowledge applicable to your business situation.

What else to mention?

P.S. If you like themanager.org, do me a favor and share our site with your friends and followers!


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