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The end of videoportals (II) ?

As posted a couple of days ago, it is very likely that we all going to be observers of the next major conflict between the „copyright empire” and the videoportals. The GEMA (the company that takes care for copyright issues in Germany) requires fees from Google (YouTube). Discussions between Google and GEMA have already started. However, GEMA obviously do not want to wait until everything is explained, since it also requested to delete those clips that might contain copyright violations.
The major problem is the legal procedure in Germany. According to the news each violation has to be identified. How to manage this, if one faces 70.000 uploads a day? I have no idea, but I would still recommend negotiating a flat fee. It seems to me, that some copyright holders did just wait for a major player that tries to make this business (web 2.0) profitable….

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