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Lost …your domain?

According to information by TECHCHRUNCH the German Google (google.de) seemed to have forgotten to renew the Google domain name. Some comments from the post confirmed the story.
This is amazing…or even unbelievable.

Did you lost your domain name, too?
Do you and / or your company search for a new domain name?
Hence you are looking for a similar name?

I would like to recommend this website, which offers the opportunity to generates names and to find appropriate domains 🙂

One Comment

  1. Zone-H et Google.de piratés sans les mains…

    Il y a encore moins d’une heure, si vous tentiez d’aller sur le site de Zone-h, le célèbre site d’archives des défacement, vous étiez accueilli par une page noire signée par deux pirates d’Arabie Saoudite nommés Devil Hacker et Unix Web…….


    Note from Eddie


    Hi, for our readers I would like to translate the comment: “Even less than one hour ago, if you tried to go on the site of Zone-h, the famous site of archives of défacement, you were received by a black page signed by two pirates of Saudi Arabia named Devil Hacker and Unix Web …. “