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Money issues

In Germany there is a very interesting business magazine. It is called “Brand eins”. Translated into English it means “Brand One”. The second headline is “the other business magazin” and I can confirm that the editors, authors and articles are quite different.

There is an interesting section called “the world in numbers” in which I discovered the following information:

  • Year of the very first issue of paper-money in China: 1024
  • Year of the first issue of paper-money in Europe: 1483
  • Founding year of the first German exchange bank: 1619
  • Installation year of the first ATM (Barclays Bank, UK): 1967
  • Quorum of existing monetary theories: 100

(Source: brand eins, volume 8, March 2006, page 16)

Unfortunately there was no information concerning the number of monetary theories during the last centuries and their changes (in terms of numbers). Taking into account the length of a product life cycle I would assume that we will discuss those issues for the next 800 years. For all those who are more interested in the philosophy side of money I would recommend this short article.


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