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Some notes about marketing strategies

You can find a huge number of definitions of strategies in theory and practice. In order to explain the term marketing strategy I would like to use this definition: The strategy determines kind, direction, intensity and importance of (strategic) measures.

Two major groups of marketing strategies can be distinguished: (a) Strategies, which describe how to influence the relevant market. On the other hand there are (b) Strategies, which describe, to which extend an organisation employs “power” or “force” to tackle market related issues.

For (a) 4 different types can be differentiated:

  • Segment strategies: Which market in terms of product/customer-combinations will be managed? Which products and /or services will be offered to which customer segment?
  • Strategies for market stimulation: Which marketing instruments will be employed in order to develop certain preferences?
  • Strategies for market itemisation: Which fundamental market items (in terms of structures) are useful? Does the organisation employ mass marketing or segment marketing techniques? Does the organisation cover the entire market or “only” parts of this market?
  • Strategies for market areas: Which areal dimensions should be used to implement a strategy?

For (b) 3 types can be distinguished, too:

  • pull back strategy: to make a strategic withdrawal (in military terms: a fall back strategy)
  • Assert strategy: to assert and to extend a certain position
  • Competition strategies

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