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Youtube wants to share revenues?

In the past we had a brief look at Youtube and the web 2.0 business (see this posts).

But these news are quite amazing. According to GOLEM, a German IT website, Youtube plans to establish a revenue system for “video uploaders”. So far, payment scheme and security issues are not solved. Youtube CEO Chad Hurley confirmed to BBC that his team is working on a revenue-sharing system that would “reward creativity”. Well, this is an interesting statement…but according to other news, Youtube faces some critics from their users. The German newspaper HANDELSBLATT reported that users would complain about uploading their video clips and generating content this way on one hand; but on the other hand that they would not partcipate in revenues, which is generated by ads on those websites.

Well, some of these vidoe clips are quite funny and you can see the amount of effort and creativity, which the user / editor has committed to it. (But before present the video I have to quote from its editor: “Instuctional Video on how to wash a cat.
The cat is stuffed folks. Relax, I wouldn’t hurt my babies. And PS, If you’ve never owned a persion then you are not aware they get there crap stuck in there fur and can’t it out alone”)


Furthermore, the idea to sell best rated video clips to Verizon, was not welcomed by users.

From a strategic point of view another issue is very interesting: The very first time the company (Youtube) has to follow a trend, instead of making this trend. Other websites like www.revver.com, www.eefoof.com, and www.panjea.com  have already started their bonus program. 

This pace of competition and developing new rules is amazing.

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