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Hybrid products

EddieHybrid consumers and their unpredictable behaviour have confused retailers and manufacturers in the last decade.
Obviously companies seemed to have decided to change the rules of the game, to respond to those consumer needs, and to muddle up their offers. Now Sony has decided to adapt this trend. For the new playstation III-game “Grand Tourismo HD” Sony borrowed the main image from the Xbox 360 title “Project Gotham Racing 3”. 🙂

Yes I know that some comments argue that this was a mistake….but I am not quite sure about that. Do you want another example for a hybrid product? Take a nice sparkling wine (Prosecco) and mixed it with something that is not directly related to it, in that case Paris H. and a beverage can. The hybrid product is …Rich Prosecco. How about an Intel CPU in a Mac? Is it still a Mac?

I think a hybrid product is an excellent answer to today’s dynamic markets. Hybrid costumers get hybrid products….I am still waiting for:

  • Pepsi-Coke
  • H2 with a hybrid engine from Honda or Toyota

Have a nice day!

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