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Aurismania in Germany


I would like to confirm Dagmar’s post. This is not an advertising campaign; it is more a real flood….
On Friday I had a business meeting in the Frankfurt Airport Center (FAC), which is next to Frankfurt International Airport. Before I forget this…this Airport does a great job in terms of customer service and security issues: reliable and fast. I guess it has simply enough staff to perform all security inspections. I would like to quote from Tom Peters, who argues “I’m now squarely a Lufthansa and Frankfurt guy”.
Back to Aurismania. In my walk from the parking lot I passed 14 advertising spaces. How many Auris posters did I face? 10? 12? 14? Yes. Each and every advertising space was booked to present this car.

Auris Advertising

So, let’s see what the effect on car sales will be.

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