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CFO’s first hundred days

Recently McKinsey announced the survey results concerning the first 100 days of new CFOs. According to available data McKinsey considered 164 responses from a representative sample of CFOs. The article that contains the findings displays participants’ views about their first hundred days as CFO.

Major findings:

  • CFO may not be spending their time where it’s most needed during the first hundred days.
  • Many CFOs said they received guidance and mentorship from the CEO, who generally wants the CFO to be a full partner in the leadership team and a contributor to company strategy.
  • CFOs also told that they communicate with the core finance team and finance staff primarily in person.
  • Planning, budgeting, management reporting and analysis have been described as major activities.
  • Opposite to this CFOs would prefer to spend their time on corporate wide strategic initiatives

One can read and/or download this article for “CFO’s first hundred days” as pdf-file here. The site does not require an login.

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