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Strategic decision making

For all those who are interested in theoretical issue of strategic management I would like to recommend a specific research paper. We know that strategies and the empirical research on strategic management can be analysed under two different point of views. One focus of research is strategy content. Another research focuses on the process of strategy generation.
The book abstract “RESEARCH ON STRATEGIC DECISIONS: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?” by Vassilis Papadakis and Patrick Barwise (both of London Business School) informs about strategic decision making. Some authors have observed that in general strategy process research has rather a descriptive focus; hence they are not satisfied with the state of knowledge and describe it as smattering. PAPADAKIS and BARWISE (1998) are more specific about this issue; they opine that strategy content researches have developed a cumulative body of knowledge and a common vocabulary. Opposite to this strategy process researchers, including researchers on strategic decision making have not achieved the same results. On this fundament the authors suggest a path to analyse strategic decision making and recommend a more cumulative approach. The paper is available as pdf-file.

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