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Financial service brands

For the purpose of my PhD-thesis in the field of banking I have to make a lot of literature review and analysis of existing studies. Thanks to universities, teachers, research and consulting companies a pure vast of excellent information is available. In the last 3 and half years I really got used to it. However, sometimes I am still surprised what kind of data – in a positive light – is available.

For all banking and marketing interested persons – for the latter one with a key focus on brand issues – this current study regarding the brand value of financial service companies might submitt very interesting data. The study “Brand Finance Banking 500” does provide an opinion as to point-in-time valuations of the biggest banking brands. The report also presents how the methodology and findings can be used to assess the impact of brand equity on business performance. It gives your relevant data on all 500 top brands; furthermore the top 5 brands have been presented for each business segment, i.e. consumer banking, corporate banking.

The study report is available as pdf-file on this website.

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