– Thoughts on Strategy and Management

January 27, 2007
by orecklies

Hybrid products

Hybrid consumers and their unpredictable behaviour have confused retailers and manufacturers in the last decade. Obviously companies seemed to have decided to change the rules of the game, to respond to those consumer needs, and to muddle up their offers. … Continue reading

October 31, 2006
by Oliver

Spam and Courtesy

It is amazing how “cool” some German companies generate spam. Today I discovered a spam mail within my mail inbox that has this end: This is no mass advertising or even spam (really?) but some grave and specific information (….I did not ask for)! We assume, which interests you in forms of serious business information you might … Continue reading

October 23, 2006
by Oliver

Who is Eddie?

Who is Eddie? Eddie is the mascot of our company and their websites. He is interested in all issues on strategic management. His favourite topics are strategy and strategic planning. He has his own view on the world and wants … Continue reading