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Brand presentation 2.1 – Floaded

How can brand presentations employ a web 2.0 approach? I have found a very interesting approach called FLOADED.
FLOADED is a new platform for professionally made short movies that have been sponsored by commercial partners. One can find this platform under www.floaded.com.
FLOADED stands for Loaded Film entertainment and consists of short movies; brands and specific products are an integrative part of the film stories. Of course this concept represents advertising; but is employs features like interactivity, additional information access within an interesting environment (in this case the story line). Within the movie itself – on certain points – the viewer has the option to gain additional information about both the brand and the featured product.


The first story line covers the situation of a professional photographer who needs to make photos of a brand new MERCEDES sports car, which is a pretest vehicle. Some other brands that will be featured during this movie are for example Canon, Gravis, Harman Kardon.

From my opinion it is an interesting approach. Major benefits are interactivity and information presentation that is appropriate for high brand products. Some disadvantages exist as well: The movies will be more expensive in total compared to regular commercials; more brands will be presented during the movie and might split viewers’ attention. Furthermore this concept has to compete against commercial clips, which will be transported to air via other video-portals.
Hence it is a good approach for high end brands and can be seen as an extension in terms of advertising formats. I don’t think that it will replace other formats, but it will offer more options to achieve customer awareness.

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