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June 30, 2015
by Dagmar

“Not yet decided” – a new management trend?

It seems as if I have spotted a new trend in management methods. I have observed it more and more frequently over the last couple of months. To my big surprise, other management writers did not pick up this topic on a large scale so far.

Did you ever hear about “Not yet decided”-management?
I just invented the term since there seems to be no better one around. Continue Reading →

Three mutually reinforcing problems in strategic planning

June 23, 2015
by Dagmar
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The Bermuda Triangle of mutually reinforcing problems in strategic planning

Half of strategic planning is a craft that can be learnt. The other half consists of the working styles, experiences and personal attitudes of the key people involved. This is where the problems may start: Personal working styles and attitudes tend to be full of biases as well as of intentional and unintentional misjudgments.

Read how these can team up with typical problems in strategic planning processes in order to lead to disaster. Continue Reading →

June 17, 2015
by Dagmar

What is your biggest problem with corporate strategy?

Themanager.org and the strategy blog Eddielogic.com are your regular sources of food for thought and information on strategy.

We want to become even better in meeting your needs and interests. Therefore we’d like to learn what concerns you most in the wide field of strategy – be it some aspect of the planning process, of strategy development or implementation.

With your feedback you help me to write about the things that are really relevant to you. So, write me your answer to this one single question:

What is your biggest problem with corporate strategy?

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Our parrot Eddie helps us to work on our profile

June 15, 2015
by Dagmar

Sharpening our profile

The first step to insight is to acknowledge that you can’t do everything on your own. You can’t know everything and you can’t be good at everything. This is especially true for taking activities one step further that you hadn’t changed for a long time.

Sometimes you get stuck with what you’ve always done that way or another. This is the moment when some objective and external view can help you to move forward. This is what we did today: Continue Reading →

May 12, 2015
by Dagmar

How not to calculate your market share

This is just a little story from real life. Only a few minutes to read and you know one more trap you would not expect in your planning process.

Everyone knows how to calculate the market share. In general, market share is your own sales volume divided by the total market volume. Of course, there are some variations. For instance, the relative market share is your own sales volume divided by that of your largest competitor. However, as long as you know your sales (what you actually should know) and have a halfway accurate estimate of the market volume, it is fairly easy to come up with your market share.

That’s what you might think. That is what I thought until some years ago. Continue Reading →

May 5, 2015
by Dagmar

What competitive strategy is all about

Today I like to share a nugget from my current reading.

I am a big fan of the classic writings on strategy. The original writings of the big strategic thinkers of the past still reveal valuable insights for today.

Bruce D. Henderson is the man who we have to thank for the Boston Box (or Growth-Share-Matrix). He wrote in 1976: Continue Reading →